Dog Tired is the safest, most secure dog daycare and boarding center in the state.  We're here when you need us, whether it's for a routine visit, a much needed vacation, or an emergency such as the birth of a new child.  Because our clean, temperature controlled facilities utilize the most innovative, cage-free methods for dog care, and our full staff is not only knowledgeable about canine behavior but also possesses incredible passion for their work, you can rest assured that  your furry family member is in the best hands.

‚ÄčThe Quiet Room 

A select group of dog's needing a break from the "pack" with special time for kisses, hugs, and rest with our owner and front desk staff.  Great for senior dogs or just dogs that like to mellow.  Just ask that you dog become a member of "The Quiet Room Club" and it's done!  It's complimentary, of course!

One-on -One Play Time

We've cleared a play room just for one-on-one fun with your dog!  See our service menu.

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