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Professional Pet Services

Loving care is your dogs best defense against separation anxiety.  That why we SLEEP alongside your dog.    

Happy Tails Pet Training now offers individual and group classes, conveniently held at Dog Tired.  See "Services" for more information and to register. 

With your approval, we gladly administer all prescription medications or natural remedies during your dog's visit.  

Dog Tired is the only daycare that doesn't cage or confine your dog 4-6 hours a day to save payroll costs.

Sometimes it's tough to know where to turn when your dog needs a safe and caring place to go while you are away.  That's why we created Dog Tired, the only daycare and boarding center that offers all cage-free care. When you choose cage-free, your dog enjoys unlimited companionship and time for play, socialization, and rest.   

Dog Tired leads the industry in its safety practices such as new dog evaluations, custom "mixing" of dogs daily based on temperament and size, and limited capacity. Our handlers are specially trained for Dog Tired's exclusive cage-free environment including Robin Bennet's revolutionary handling program specifically for Off-Leash care.   You have my promise that your dog will receive the best care, or your money back.             

Susan Taylor - CEO & President, Dog Tired